Solar Sail Games is a super-shiny, independent game development nanostudio, currently based in thriving East London.

We are long-standing industry veterans who cut our teeth making games for Nintendo and Sony. Having worked together in the past, we had a long-term dream to go indie. Now we’re starting out on our journey as Solar Sail Games. We’ve set aside our day jobs and now we're putting all our creativity into our secret passion project, a game we will announce soon.

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Who are we?

Neil Millstone
Neil Millstone
Co-founder | Code
Neil wrote his first game on a broken Apple IIe when he was four. He’s been obsessed with programming and game design ever since. He was thunderstruck when he got the chance to join the console videogames industry in 2001.

He’s shipped more than a dozen titles since then, and put his soul into every one. This is why he now has none left. He worked on several games at Sony Computer Entertainment and later became lead programmer on Art Academy, fulfilling a childhood dream to work with Nintendo.

Neil started his own company in 2011, White Bat Games. Now he’s getting stuck into the code and design of Solar Sail’s new project.
Tancred Dyke-Wells
Tancred Dyke-Wells
Co-founder | Art
Tancred is the creator and director of Nintendo’s Art Academy and Battalion Wars series. He started out making platform games on the VIC-20 and BBC Micro and is currently being taught Scratch by his kids.

With more than twenty shipped titles and multiple credits as Lead Designer, Lead Artist and Creative Director, he has created games based around Pokémon and The Lord of the Rings and has directed projects for Warner Brothers, Disney and Microsoft.

Tancred quit his last job as Creative Director because he didn’t get to make game art anymore. He is now having the time of his life designing and arting the coolest stuff he can think of.