Reboot Develop 2017

We’re back in London after an inspiring few days at @RebootDevelop in beautiful Croatia. We made new friends, learned new things, played new games and generally had the opportunity to step back, refresh and think of ways to raise our sights still further. And, we got sunburnt sightseeing in spectacular Dubrovnik and went On A[…]


Glowy Crystals

The Dark Crystal was a very formative film for me. I made my own creature puppets as a consquence, and I’ve been a sucker for crystals ever since. Playing RPGs reinforced that susceptibility, so this glowy stall in nearby Spitalfields market transfixed me. The vendor explained how Himalayan crystal salts can cure any ailment, too[…]



We thought a research visit to the Museum of Curiosities might prove an inspirational venue to inaugurate our design partnership. Kind of got more than we bargained for, but having something of a skull fetish, I loved the place. Mermaids, Pablo Escobar’s gold-plated hippo skull, me having a Hendricks and Fentimans with Neil in his were-lioness form…[…]